Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pinterest Project #2

Pinterest and I have a one-sided relationship. I pin all of these great ideas that I plan on doing and they never get done. I think this is largely due to my impatience with crafts that take a long time to complete.

Multiple Meaning Word Cards (aka..the project that almost didn't happen)


30-40 paint chip samples from your local hardware stores. I prefer the Valspar type that has the nifty holes.
1 Sharpie maker. Make sure it will show up on dark and light colors.
1 binder ring for storage.

The hardest thing was finding a list of appropriate multiple meaning words. I used a sheet from graduate school and several websites to come up with my deck. I have made a list to share with all of you here. You can also use the list featured on SLP lesson plans. All in all it took about an hour and a half to do with the list searching. It took only 20-30 minutes to write all the words.

Once the project is completed, you can let the students write the two meanings on the cards with expo markers (extra practice for writing skills). You can also have them just go through the deck and say the meanings aloud.

Why do you call it the project that almost didn't happen?

I don't have a house/condo/independent dwelling as of yet. This means I had zero experience with home reno stores until I saw the idea to use leftover paint chips for therapy. I was terrified that a worker would come up and talk to me as I tried to grab as many paint chips as I could without looking too weird. This resulted in a haul of 10 per two visits. My grandmother brought me about 35 from her hardware store visit. Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out how she pulled it off without getting any questions. I swear she has some sort of magical air about her that makes people look the other way. She can get away with so much stuff that I wouldn't even dare to try (unless I was a kid again).

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