Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Got pronouns?

My Christmas break project was to find a better way to teach the concept of pronouns to my younger students. It's such a hard concept for them to understand with the Pronoun Parade cards and using pictures from books (even though I love those strategies for my older groups.) My solution was to use the sales catalogs I have stock piled since Thanksgiving for therapy activities to make pronoun books.

Here's what the finished product looks like....(7 hours later)

This is the second of my pronoun books. The first one is for he, she, and they.
I tell what each word is used for twice with a single image. Then, I let them look at two pages with single images and examples of sentences they could say. The next step is for them to make up sentences on their own.
Walmart, Target, and ToysRUs had the best ads. I also used pictures from Belk, JC Penny, and Kmart.
The key to the book is to have just enough pictures on each page to avoid sensory overload.
What this project takes:
3-ring binder
15 sheet protectors (you can do more or less)
Basic copier paper or construction paper.
1 Sharpie
Lots of sales ads (I had a month's worth)
Lots of free time


  1. I love this! You could actually use making the book as a therapy activity for an older group of kids!

    1. Yep. I've made parts of speech posters with my older groups in the past. This is definitely something a group could make too. :)

  2. do you have any strategies for teaching I, we and you and then having the student us the correct pronoun when speaking.

    1. I usually do a lot of modeling for those.