Thursday, September 6, 2012

Window into my world....

I realize that most people posted pictures of their rooms back in August. I just recently got access to a camera and thought I would share a tiny glimpse into my world.....(and, no, I don't have to share this space with anyone.)

Who is this? (Yes, I drew her free-hand.)
Oh! It's just Carmen SanDiego hanging out with the Speech Detectives.
Therapy area with strangely angled wall. Parts of Speech posters from Dollar Tree. 

Story rope. Hand drew everything except the cabbage patch kids which I colored.
More views of my therapy area. The bookcase holds assessment materials and  non-frequently used tx stuff.
Speech quilt brought to you by this site. Words cannot describe how much I love this thing.
Also featured: Sound stoplight and SLP rolling cart (Salvation Army $10) for mobile services in the EC classroom.
Closet/desk. Yes, that is real crime scene tape. 
Closet featuring my thrift store and yard sale finds.  My picture books are housed in the copier boxes by themes.
Obviously, this is something that I try to hide from my students as they would only focus on the games in the closet.


  1. Cute door decoration! And I love your closet space (I've never seen a speech office with a closet-wow!). I like your story rope--what a great, easily-accessible visual for your students! I've been using a picture ring, but I like the other story grammar visuals I've seen. Thanks for sharing--I enjoy seeing other speech rooms! (here's my room...

    1. Thank you! The story rope came from a similar idea on pinterest that I tried to replicate with a twist. I have a little book beside it with the same images that I can also use.

      I also love looking at other speech rooms too. It's a great way to get ideas for the next year and feel better about the SLP "hoarding syndrome". All of the SLPs have pretty decent rooms in my district so we're pretty fortunate. I still had to fight for a year (funny story too) to get that closet, but it was well worth it. It's literally a walk-in closet that I would want for a future house.