Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I like to move it, move it....with articulation

There are some days when I just pull out a game for therapy rather than books. This was the case on Monday due to the nasty weather. They get really antsy when they're stuck inside for recess even with their trips to the "screaming house" a.k.a. P.E. 

I pulled out a new game with a dual purpose: Twister Hopscotch.

I placed articulation cards inside of the rings. The kids had to identify the object/animal and tell me the word in a phrase ("I see the ____"; "I want the ____"; "I need the _____.") based on a card placed beside groups of rings. The second aspect of this game was created by the makers of the game. The spinner tells the students an action that they must perform while moving through the rings. They may have to clap, sing, dance, or wiggle to a color. I told my older students that they had to pick a ring that was not the color in the picture for added difficulty. 

Overall, the kids really liked the game. It got them moving and made drills much more fun. I had a few students that absolutely refused to sing despite my encouragement and models. There were also some that just couldn't quite grasp the concept of jumping and clapping at the same time. That being said, I would definitely recommend this game if you have the floor space and like active games. I'm very blessed to have just enough floor space to use this game (as well as those road floor mats) on rainy days.

Check out this article to see why hopscotch is good for kids.

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