Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words....

My first true "battle wounds" as an SLP.

This is from a scratch on my arm that I got while a kid was trying to run out of the EC classroom today.
I ran to shut the door and got accidentally hit as the student tried to beat me to the door.
The poor EC teacher got the worst end of the deal and ended up bleeding from a far deeper wound than mine.  

Please note that this is not an attempt to scare people away from the field, I just thought it would be a fun way of documenting another learning experience. It's honestly not as bad as it looks and I barely bled at all. My cats have done worse, but I did think it was important to show that some aspects of the job are more glamorous than others.

Also, this is the reason why you want to have picture schedules and "first-then" boards. It helps reduce the risk of this.


  1. I work at a non-public school with ED kids. It can get very dangerous at times. I am thankful for the support staff that work very hard to keep me safe. I am also thankful for often being the best part of the day for most of the ED kids I work with!

  2. I got bit last year by one of my PPCD kiddos. I also had one hit me last year because he was absolutely fed up with PECS. And I got smacked in the head with a toy hammer during an evaluation because the kiddo did not want to go back in the room and I picked him up.

    C'est la vie!