Monday, June 4, 2012

Door Hanger Paradise

I'm hoping to use the concept of culture for a year-long theme next year. I want to introduce my students to a different country/culture each month. I haven't figured out all the places I want to work on just yet.

September- USA: build on their vocabulary (city, state, country)
November-Native American
January- Chinese
March- Ireland/UK
May-Mexico (most of my students are ESL) or another South American country
June-Wrap ups

In the meantime, I went to one of my favorite hot spots-- The Mighty Dollar-- and found the perfect craft for an Asian theme. It's a panda door hanger from the Oriental Trading Company. It was a steal at $1 for 10-12 (hard to tell because of the packaging) This will be excellent for following directions and sequencing steps. I couldn't find the exact project on their website, but the link will take you to their door hanger crafts.

What are some crafts you like to do?

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