Monday, June 1, 2015

Off the beaten path....

I recently had a new kind of yard sale experience. A town-wide yard sale.

It was definitely an interesting and informational trip. So here are a few things I learned:

1. Some sellers will have absolutely NOTHING priced. I suppose this is to encourage haggling, but I really didn't like having to sound like a pricing parrot.
2. You will run into some sellers who think they are running a one/two day antique shop. Yes, pedal cars are really cool but the $400 price tag was not so much.
3. You might want to bring a rolling cart along so you don't end up stuck carrying something really heavy around for long.
4. There will be an overload of people shopping. Be fast. Be a yard sale ninja.
5. Spend the rest of the year working on the fine art of haggling.
6. Bathrooms are hard to find. Scout out gas stations on google maps before you head off on the trip.

P.S. I had absolutely no success at finding any new therapy materials, but loved every minute of my trip.


  1. Town wide yard sales are a blast. I hit pay dirt this fall and got tons of games and books! Another tip; get out there early before stuff is gone and trek out again late when sellers want to get rid of EVERYTHING rather than cart it back home :)