Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Hunt: Middle School Resources

I'm a little late to the game, but the hunt for quality middle school resources is on! I've had pretty good luck so far with google search and am hoping to continue to find new things to add to my middle school binder.

Reading Comprehension & Written Response
  1. K12 Reader: Awesome worksheets that work for multiple goals. The best part is that they are all free!
  2. ReadWorks: Another fabulous and free website that offers reading comprehension passages.
  3. Student News Daily: News articles aimed at high school, but some of the shorter articles may interest middle school students too.
  4. Smithsonian Tween Tribune: News articles aimed at various grade levels. I've written up questions to go along with the news articles I select.
  5. Newsela: News articles aimed at various reading levels. I've written up questions to go along with the news articles I select.
  6. Time for Kids: Another great site for news articles. This one doesn't include lexile levels.
  7. Wordville: This has some interesting reading passages, but it is more difficult to save them.
  8. Mr. Nussbaum: Great site for reading passages on levels from 2nd-5th grades.
  9. TSL Books: Another website for free reading comprehension passages.
  10. Super Teacher Worksheets: This site has some great reading comprehension resources at various grade levels. They are even nice enough to offer some of these for free as samples of their work. I love their freebie activities and only wish that they would offer more!


  1. Fabulous list. May I also suggest I think you'll love it!

    1. Great suggestion! Thank you so much!