Monday, March 9, 2015

Are you a Dino-Star?

Pronouns, pronouns, and more pronouns. Rawr! I'm up to my eyeballs in pronouns. I'm going to stomp my feet like a dinosaur and sing my pronoun song day to night. I'll learn my pronouns and you will too. Just follow me!

She is for girls (hands on head)
Her is for girls (hands on shoulders)
He is for boys (hands on hips)
His is for boys (hands on knees)

I think this may be one of the hardest skills for my younger students to grasp. There are very few days that go by without me trying to come up with yet another activity to  target this skill. One of the most successful tricks I've used recently is the little chant above. I think most of that has to do with adding gross motor movement into a task that is usually much more visual and/or auditorily based. We practice our chant, pull out our sorting mats, and then go to town with my drill cards.

Rawr! is a set of drill cards I created after I came up with the idea to have a stomping chant to help us practice our pronouns. Students have to fill in the blank with a pronoun (usually I give them a binary choice to start with) and place it on the sorting mat.
My personal favorites are the open-ended cards that they can sort either way depending on which cave-person needs more cards.

There is also a little bonus of an open-ended game that I call Dino-Star that can be used with whatever target you need. The goal of the game is to get the pink dinosaur card.

You can grab Rawr! here. 

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