Monday, October 6, 2014

New learning adventures

I am taking a small step into a very big area of the "unknown" for me: Augmentative & Alternative Communication devices. 

It has involved research, research, and more research. My method of choice is to start by looking at a few journal articles (unfortunately I have a knack for find the ones that are never really all that practical to a school setting) and then heading over to blogs. I want to give a shout-out to PrAACtical AAC as that blog is really a god-send to anyone just getting started with AAC. She gives you so many incredible tips and resources. 

My second shout-out goes to the Considerate Classroom, which gave me a very simple solution to my fear of lost communication cards. I downloaded her free language book on BoardmakerShare and made additional pages using PowerPoint. 

I am ridiculously proud of myself for making these two communication books. The bright pink one will stay with me while the green one will soon be spending its time all over the school.

Power Point is an SLP's best friend.
Guess it won't be a surprise for me to start researching professional development workshops in AAC now....

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