Monday, June 9, 2014

With an eye towards the future....

To celebrate the last week of school, I thought I would go back to some language basics with a sorting activity. Figurines, the Expanding Expression Tool (if you have it), and sorting mats are all it took to make a fun end of the year review. 

One of the biggest things that made this activity different from our beginning of the year sessions, was the Spanish that I added into the mix. Each of the sorting mats has the Spanish word or words that they might use at home when talking to their parents. If you aren't facing a time crunch, you may want to print out multiple sets (probably multiple slides per page) so that students can make their own basic concepts dictionary. All they would need to do is a draw a picture on the card to serve as a visual reminder before taking them home to practice.

Grab your copy here.


  1. THANK YOU for including Spanish!

    1. You're very welcome. I hope this freebie will be helpful for you!