Monday, May 19, 2014

The Summer Homework Search....

Summer is a little under a month away for me. This is the time when I start to finally relax after the mad rush of kindergarten screenings. We are still swamped with referrals, but I can finally see the end goal. I like to use these last few weeks to gather materials to send home for the summer. I'm not really sure if any of my students actually complete the summer packets that I send, but it makes me feel like I put forth the effort to give them a few activities.

The freebie pickings on Teachers Pay Teachers are a bit slimmer this year than they have been in the past. I suppose if I was more ambitious, I could have made my own thing this year instead of using the freebies. Luckily, a few people have still taken pity on us freebie hunters. (Thank you!!!) I typically add a few coloring sheets with sight words or crossword puzzles with summer vocabulary to round out the activities.

Summer Speech Homework Calendar

Speech & Language Homework Calendars 
Summer Language Bingo
2014 Specific Homework and Spanish version
Talking Owl's Summer Homework Packet (Link is to one of several)

The best thing about this year is getting to send Teddy Folders home with my younger students. He has been a huge motivator for many of them. Hopefully they will beg their parents to help them continue to practice.

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