Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Are you feeling a little grumpy?

The end of the school year seems to stress most people out. The students are all worried about passing their EOGs (or at least surviving the long test periods). The teachers are consumed by all the last minute preparations and final assessments they have to cram in. The specialists are all struggling to find their students. It's all just one big ball of stress.... 

So when I saw this clip art, I knew it was exactly what I needed to get excited in the final month of the school year. There are some things that can be universally appreciated at any age. 

Grumpy categories is a really simple activity. It's way too late in the year to be messing around with anything complicated. The cards give the category and students are expected to identify five items for each card. Every item earns a punch or X on the black circles. The student who earns the most punched cards wins the game.
 I ran out of space on my camera card so please forgive me for the poorly scanned examples. I like to put the cards on jump rings for each student or each group. This makes it harder for me to lose track of the cards in between their sessions. (Yes, I am known for losing things.)

I print the cards out in black and white since I let my students use the hole punch to mark their correct answers. If you are going to use markers, I would print them out in color on heavy card stock. You can laminate them and keep them on a jump ring for easy storage.

Grab your copy of Grumpy Categories here!


  1. More grumpy cat? Who doesn't like grumpy cat? Thank you, these are adorable and will be well-liked!

    1. You're very welcome! Hope your students will enjoy as much as mine have. :)