Monday, March 10, 2014

Winter can go away any time now.....

We had a very bad ice storm in the wee hours of Thursday morning. It knocked out power and cable for about a 30 mile radius. My neighbors nearly had a tree collapse on their house (missed by about 6 inches) and I saw a tree nearly hit a car in front of us at dinner. It's so nice to finally be back online and able to see how my friends have fared. I guess it's just Mother Nature's way of reminding the good citizens of North Carolina that we are not in charge. 

Since it is March, I am trying to put my best foot forward with a wacky leprechaun. Our guest turned my books upside down. 

My third grade students were not impressed with the footprints. They now think that the custodian is trying to prank us. The little ones didn't even notice.

My one stroke of brilliance for  last week: "Weight Lifting" our speech sounds. It's a huge hit with my younger students already.

The weights are made out of paper towel holders that are just covered in butcher paper. I plan on making a smaller 5 lb weight with a toilet paper roll for "weak" productions. The 50 lb weight is for perfect productions.


  1. The weights are a GREAT idea! Are you going to do a post to expand on that a little more? I'm interested to see exactly how you're using it!

    1. I hope to once I get the smaller weight made.