Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The elves are coming to town

Goodwill recently brought me another older model elf on the shelf for only .79 cents. I'm not going to post of picture of him on here since he's a tad bit faded and the images didn't take too well. It is exciting though to find him after looking for two years.

I realize that many SLP bloggers have posts about using Elf on the Shelf in their rooms. I will refrain from talking about positional concepts, elf gamescreating an Elf back story, and Elf on the Shelf spots the Unthinkables. I am going to focus on how my unnamed elf will be helping out with syntax lessons.

1. The Elves are Coming to Town. I made up this file to coordinate with Colorful Semantics. Students have to figure out what color the missing word should be and make the elf that color. They can also go through and color all of the parts of speech in the completed sentence. I threw in a few naming cards as well. The wreath is open ended: articulation students can write a sound target in the bow and words around it; language students can write a vocabulary word in the bow and descriptive words around's really up to your imagination.

You can grab your copy of The Elves are Coming here.

2. I have several students who need to ask as well as answer questions. We are working hard towards understanding subject-verb agreement in these groups. The elf will provide us with ample material to talk about. The students can ask where the elf is, what he is doing, why he is doing certain things, or who is with him (requires additional stuffed animals or figurines). They can also answer these types of questions.

3. Using this template, we will come up with adjectives to describe our elves. I plan on doing this either before or after making Tacky Holiday Sweater ornaments for describing.

I'm making my own set in 3 different sizes for describing as well as following directions.

I cannot wait for December! It's almost time to play my favorite holiday song around the clock.


  1. The Elves Are Coming to town looks like a great activity! I have a group of students that will get a giggle or two and lots of discussion out of these cards. Thanks.