Monday, October 1, 2012

What's in that box???

Do you like a good mystery? Well, my students sure do and the "Mystery Box" provides another entertaining way to learn. 

I'm not going to first, my kids thought that this was a new prize box.
If they aren't stuck on games, they are going to focus on the prizes...
Look at all those goodies!
I've done a couple things with this box so far:
    1) Described the item inside and had the kids guess what it is. (They could also do the describing before they pull the item out.)
    2) Let them pull one item out and name it
    3) If they get an articulation card, we work on that sound.

I made this "game" using your standard school butcher paper (not just for doors & bulletin boards) and a cardboard box found in the recycling bin. I'll gladly take the walk of shame for admitting that I took something out of the recycling bin considering how good this project turned out. It's a very high interest activity for my younger students. 

I also have to share with you that I am currently very disappointed in Super Duper. They've reduced their 50% overstock sales to only 30%. (I also haven't forgotten the time where they ended these sales completely  earlier in the year.) I realize that they are in the business to make money. However, I am not in a business where I can afford to pay $20+ for every material that I need. Those 50% off sales enabled me to purchase some great materials that I use on a weekly basis. Schools don't offer a luxury salary. Looks like I won't be buying much from Super Duper in the near future.....  :(

And, here, is the document for the aliens I use for Colorful Semantics.


  1. Love the box! I do a "what's in the box" segment in my preschool group circles each week, and have a very similar box...but I like the question marks on yours. Being that I use it with my preschoolers, we use it for receptive and expressive vocabulary.

    Talking With Rebecca

    1. Thanks! I've found that the die-cutter is a bit of a stress relief for me so I come up with random reasons to use it all the time.