Tuesday, August 28, 2012

That's not my.....

Last year, I did not fully comprehend the value of board books as embarrassed as I am to say it. I guess I was naive and thought that they were just meant for babies. Usborne helped me overcome that belief with this series.

That's not my....dinosaur/mermaid/tractor/etc...happen to be great for introducing younger students to adjectives in a fun manner. The books have fun pictures and are the perfect length for the short attention spans of kindergartners. The students are able to actually feel a variety of textures (guess I'm stating the obvious) that give them a concrete idea of what "rough" or "bumpy" actually is rather than me telling them. For example:

The following dinosaurs are described in the book above (which I scored for $2 at Goodwill vs. the $4 on Amazon)
- a tail that is too fuzzy
- teeth that are too bumpy
- flippers that are too slippery
- horns that are too rough 
- spines that are so soft

For parents of young children (babies included), these books are a great way to introduce language in a multi-sensory manner. They have appeal for both boys and girls with stories about kittens, dogs, fairies, and monsters. The essential vocabulary presented in this series is something that your child will encounter early on in life as they try to tell you about objects/people that they see. Repetition with new words is a key component of learning so I would read and re-read these books to your child. It's a very magical moment when children pick up a beloved book and pretend to read it back to you from memory. 

In other news, one middle school down and one to go! The hearing screening went fairly well. We had 2-3 students trying to pull our legs about whether or not they had been screened. (Ah, the amusements of middle schoolers.) My only complaint is that teachers sometimes forget that everyone needs to be quiet...including them. 

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