Monday, December 12, 2016

Multiple Meaning Words with a Twist

I guess the only thing consistent about my blogging right now is my inconsistency. Life is never dull in my neck of the woods. I have several family issues going on right now and I've found it easier to deal with if I leave speech at the doors of my school every day. It's become all the more important after a recent hike in caseload numbers that have pushed me above the state cap. (NC has a caseload cap of 50.) 

While I haven't made too many materials lately, I thought that this one is just too good not to share for those of you with older students. I made this for my fifth grade groups as it's a pretty quick game that I can take into their classrooms. 

Multiple Meaning Word KaBoom!

If you haven't run across any teachers in your school using this, you are likely to start a new trend at your school. KaBoom is a great game that I saw teachers using in their centers. You can make a KaBoom game for pretty much anything you might need. The best part is that the game NEVER ends.

How to Play Kaboom!
1.  First student pulls out a card.
2.  The student tells you an answer. If their answer is correct, they get to keep the card.  If they answer it incorrectly, the card must go back in the cup.
3.  The students continue around the table, selecting one card at a time and answering their question.
4.  Any student who pulls a KABOOM! card has to place all of the cards they have accumulated back into the cup, leaving them with zero.

5.  This game NEVER ENDS because eventually someone will get a Kaboom! and their cards will go back into the cup to keep the game going.


  1. Thank you for this activity! The little container is a baby Gerber snack container.