Monday, October 12, 2015

Pronouns at Recess

Once again, I find myself blogging about pronouns. I spend most days talking about pronouns at least twice if not more. I typically do this by drawing a boy and girl stick figure with various articulation and verb card decks. It's an easy way to keep my therapy table from getting loaded down with clutter. However, I recently decided to add in a little technology to the mix using my projector.

This simple little slideshow is designed to be used with PowerPoint on either a Smartboard, projection screen, or a computer. You just click view slideshow. 

Students are given a choice of pronoun at the bottom of each slide for either labeling or developing a sentence based on what they see. 

If you are using a Smartboard, you can let students draw additional items into the picture. They can also write their sentences on the board. You can also have them write sentences on a whiteboard.

Grab your copy of Pronouns at Recess here.

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