Saturday, July 25, 2015


The good thing about rushing around like a chicken with your head cut off for two months is that you don't have much time to think. I feel like I am finally catching my breath. No more being preoccupied with wedding, honeymoon, and moving to a new town. I am feeling much more settled and sort-of ready to start in my new district.

This little guy has been helping me out by keeping me constantly on my toes.
Luckily, he gets along very well with his Aunt Serena.
As someone who is fairly introverted, the prospect of having to meet a whole bunch of new people and adjust to a new space falls into the dread category. It seems like it would be an easy transition with so much advanced warning of the move, but I am still struggling with the "what ifs" of being the new person. I have been searching for some new ideas on TeachersPayTeachers to kick the new school year off with a few less nerves. Here are some of the things I've found recently:


  1. Back-to-School Icebreaker game
  2. Conversation Starters


  1. Bear-Y Good Speech /r/ sheet (perfect for Teddy Talker)
  2. 100 Word Chain for any sound


  1. Ninja themed following directions
  2. No-Print Idioms 

Social Skills

  1. Free Emotions Cards
  2. Unthinkables video clips
  3. Social Emotional Worksheet (for older students)
  4. Inside Out Board Game (not from TPT but really cute freebie)


  1. CF Supervision Forms (These are pretty nice templates)

Parent/Teacher Communications

  1. Parent Communication Letters (Seasonal)
  2. Parent Contact Log (single student per sheet)
  3. Teacher Communication Forms
  4. Speech Notes