Monday, December 15, 2014

On my sick day...the FedEx Santa brought to me....

I'm sad to say that some nasty cold plague has hit my school pretty hard. It took out half of our EC team and quite a few students (from what I learned in my brief time at work). It's been quite some time since I've spent two days laid out on the couch until the late evening. However, sometimes you do get small glimmers of goodness out of bad things....

Such as my Christmas present to myself.

It's an Ogee clock, which was a style popular in 19th Century America. My grandmother had a similar one that belonged to her mother. From my understanding, it was the only thing that she inherited from her parents as a child from a larger family. I spent many years admiring that clock as a child and have spent the past four years looking for a clock that could compare to my grandma's. I think she's proof that patience pays off. 

My new mission is to create a whole bunch of scrambled sentence activities to use with several of my language groups. I managed to make a small activity on Friday before the sickness really set in using some song lyrics that my students can't seem to "let go" of at the moment. I don't own any of these lyrics and looked them up through an online website so they may not be perfect. 

Grab your copy of Lyrical Scrambled Sentences here.

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