Friday, November 14, 2014

My top 10 reasons for why every school-based SLP needs a group dinner night.

Do you ever get together with your fellow SLPs? Here are some reasons why I think an SLP dinner night is a great thing:

10. The great food. 
9. Discussing all the lovely germs that have infested your building and how you are trying to avoid them.
8. Discussing what you liked/didn't like about a recent CEU without having to feel guilty.
7. Talking about the latest ASHA Leader or ADVANCED for SLPs.
6. Giving each other tips to try out for difficult cases.
5. Complaining about the lack of toys at Goodwill recently. 
4. Talking about new places in town.
3. Catching up on personal life happenings.
2. Getting rid of the isolation feeling.
1. Celebrating success stories!