Friday, August 29, 2014

Poetry can heal the soul

Change happens. 
Go with the flow.
Don't resist the current.
Embrace the chance to learn
and you will find 
a better you was hidden all this time.
Change is life.
To refuse to change is death.
Negativity will not make it disappear.
Negativity will only drive others away from you in fear.
Embrace the beauty.
Embrace the challenges.
You are stronger than you think
so make the changes your own.
Twist what may come your way
to fit your style
and demeanor.
Never give up.
You can do this.
If you are in doubt, find an optimist.
Don't ever say I can't
because deep down you really can.
But don't let yourself be taken advantage of either.
Change is life
and life is good.
Happiness and change can co-exist.
Just go with the flow and trust that somehow
it will ALL work out.


I hope this ever changing world will start making changes for the better. I've finally given up on watching the news because all of the bad things that are happening across the world are just too tough to stomach. It's not a change that I am fond of, but I would rather start my days out on happiness.  

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