Friday, December 20, 2013

It's here! It's here! Christmas break is finally here!

It was a wonderful Friday.....well, if you look past being stuck billing while the rest of the staff & students were at the Christmas assembly. The teachers put on a musical every year for the students. I've never been able to go thanks to all of my paperwork (but it keeps me from having to be in the show). It's nice to have the day to get all of that stuff finished so it doesn't end up coming home. I'm paperwork free until January! 

Even though I was stuck in my room jamming to a little Pandora, I still managed to get a few holiday surprises. The blue card is from our student council, the yellow card & cinnamon ornament from a 1st grade class with several of my students, the two note cards are from a 5th grader, and a necklace set from a 2nd grader. I didn't get anything from my students last year so I was shocked to get all of this. 

I also thought I would show you a new therapy tool that Santa Thrifty bought herself. Hehehe....I got it back in October when it was on sale but held off on using it until December. I don't know what it is about me and hidden picture scenes. I'm going to blame my mom and her love of doing the Highlights puzzles with me growing up. My students looked at me like I was crazy when I pulled it out (I haven't forgotten how badly the Highlights Hidden Puzzle game already went over with them this year). Looking for hidden pictures must really be a foreign concept to this generation. They really don't know what they are missing out on.

The Super Duper version has the advantage of less objects and a picture key. It is much easier to find the objects when you know what they look like. Each picture targets a specific sound and you can adapt them to the student's articulation level. I used them for sentence level tasks, such as "I want to find the X first." or "I found the X beside the frog." I use Chipper Chat chips with mine rather than the dry erase markers to avoid all the extra cleaning. Plus, my students love anything that involves that magic wand.

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