Monday, February 25, 2013

Got a bad case of the "should haves"? You aren't alone.

I will admit that I am quite horrible about having to go back to certain stores to buy things. I suffer from a bad case of seeing things and being struck with good ideas after the fact. It typically happens with dollar stores more so than thrift stores. I imagine that everyone has these moments or at least I hope that I'm not alone. 

I actually ran across pinwheels like this one last year at Dollar Tree, but I didn't see them as something that I could realistically use at work. Two weeks later, I saw Jenna Rayburn's pinwheel post and I couldn't find the darn things anywhere. It happens way too often and I hate admitting it. This year I decided to be smart and bought one to use for wh- questions. I tried to align it as best I could with my colorful semantics activities so it can also correlate to sentence construction activities. (P.S. We're doing colorful semantics this week with Presidential Sentence Scramble freebie by just highlighting the different parts of speech in each sentence.) 

One purchase I didn't have to think about was this one.....

I love these little crazy eggs. The faces are great for working on emotions and I can hide little conversation starters inside (or really whatever target I need). We can even create little sentences/stories to explain why the eggs have those faces. They only cost me a dollar a pack at a local discount chain, but you can also order them from Oriental Trading Company for $3. You can even make your own egg faces by simply decorating plain eggs with sharpies. 

They also remind me somewhat of the Discovery Toys flip flop emotions game. I have spent 2 years trying to find something cheaper or alterable. I can't use these with bean bags, but I think they will actually end up working better for me in the long run. 

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