Sunday, July 8, 2012

In which she saw lots of organization....

This is going to be a short post that isn't the most SLP related, but a general classroom/life woe....ORGANIZATION

Pinterest is a great source of my inspiration for craft projects as well as a great place to find printables which I use a ton. (Perhaps, I will get brave and try to make my own this summer to go along with a game I picked up recently.) It also depresses me. Why?

And, the billions of ideas to dress up bulletins/doors/containers. 

Yes, I freely admit that my classroom organization skills are clearly sub-par. My room is small and pretty much qualifies as a closet. It has one odd-angled wall, a bump out, a closet door that has to be kept clear, and one truly straight wall. It should be easy to keep tidy, but it typically looks like a tornado has hit it after my first therapy session. I think it's partly from all the crafting projects we do (I prefer books & a related project to games on most days) and the lack of storage. Sadly, this is just from my CF year so I can't even imagine what it will look like once I've had a few years to hit up the Super Duper sales.

To combat the constant "natural disaster" state (pre-IEP meetings/cleanup Fridays), I've bought three smaller single drawer Sterilite containers, one larger single drawer Sterilite container, and a small three drawer Sterilite container (for under the therapy table I hope). These were all purchased from Goodwill for $2-5. I'm hoping to decorate them with the cute scrapbooking paper ideas that are floating around pinterest. This is not a natural skill for me so they will probably not look as good as the one below. 

The thing I like most about using scrapbook/old wrapping paper to dress up the Sterilite containers is the ability to hide whatever is inside. My students are constantly grabbing interesting items off of my bookshelves or at least focusing on them instead of listening. It's not a happy day when I have to take away stickers (my reward system) from them. The new storage system should make it easier for the students to pay attention and clear away some of the clutter from our lives. 

What are some things you do to combat storage woes?

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